Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Animation Workshop Homework: 10 a day gesture practice

Here are all my gesture drawings homework together from Saturday onwards. I think I'm getting the hang of it, working from the inside out was the struggle but I found using shapes from the inside of the body to construct helped, also the short amount of time we were meant to do each in means we get loads of scribbles which actually do help show the gesture. I thought I would try something different and chuck away the pencil and use Biro instead. This really helped me loosen up and I'll definitely be trying it again!

Day 1-Saturday


Day 2-Sunday


Day 3-Monday

Day 4-Tuesday

Day 5-Wednesday



tutorphil said...

These look great, Emma :D

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Phil!

meg said...

Good drawings Emma! Dont stop drawing draw draw draw
and play with constraints... set new ones for yourself each day, and that will help draw differently each time... which means we see things differently each time. that way we wont fall into habits and assumptions (which are our great enemies!).
well done!