Sunday, 2 October 2011

At Canterbury Anifest

I had never been to an 'animation festival' before so was really keen to check this out. This was put even higher on my priorities when I read the words 'Harry Potter' and 'dragon'. I'm sure I wasn't the only one this summer sat in the cinema munch goodies forgotten while I practically clambered over the seats for a closer look and drooled over that dragon bursting out of Gringotts. Then days on end afterwards wishing dragons actually existed because...I wanted one!
Along with other extremely excitable names including Aardman being there I decided to have a look.
Well I won't regret it!

Of course I attended the brilliantly inspiring 'Animating the Dragon' talk and afterwards came out buzzing with ideas for my hybrid. Yes I know a dragon didn't get into the teleportation pod with me, I sure would have noticed that! It doesn't matter though because everything that Samy Fecih talked about can be applied to creating any character. His mention of using dogs to inspire him for his dragon was an added bonus. It allowed me to see how the dog (as well as other animals) show their emotions through their posture so this is definately something I want to consider for my development. How do I convey my emotion at being transformed into my final piece?

It was a big shame I didn't get to see more that was there but next time I will definately try!


J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

whoa, Emma, you were at anifest? :]
I did hear from Jono, the second year, that there were few first years, however I still struggle to recognize some of you by seeing youm :]
I'd appreciate if , when you spot me, you could introduce yoursle fto me :]

Emma Foster said...

Yeah I did see Jono, I'll def say hi when I see you :)

tutorphil said...

I was there too - and I didn't see you either! I think you must have been disguise - didn't see any big woolly dogs though...