Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Final Portrait...The Beginning

Well I finally got stuck into photoshop, I've been wanting to start for ages but been waiting patiently for until I feel I am satisfied with a rough stance. My tablet decided to play nice even though its been giving me evils from the corner for the past week.

I got the rough shape down but then ended up using the polygonal lasso tool to move elements around because the stance didn't feel strong and powerful enough, instead cowering in the archway and looking at the stick as if to say... what am I meant to do with this?
I think I may increase the height of my canvas because I think it will compliment the stance better and further elongate my hybrid giving it more importance.

Before adjustments
After adjustments

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Steven Payne said...

hey emma, this is coming along nicely, and you're right, the contrast of the angular frame really compliments the curvature of the hybrid. looking forward to seeing the end result.