Monday, 3 October 2011

Thumbnails...yes more!

With these thumbnails I took into consideration something my creative partner had said about maybe using the Komondor's fur as a part clothing element like in tribal history. I did come out with some strange looking results but think I should take this a bit further to see if I can make anything from it. What he said actually reminded me of this digital painting by Atomhawk's Charlie Bowater.

Howl by `charlie140588 on deviantART

It seems to have some animal instinct and danger about it; the unusually yellow eyes and feathers sticking out of her hair give the sense that she just came charging out of the woods but there is also a tribal aura about her.

I also developed how the hands and feet of the Komondor and myself will combine in transformation to create a happy medium. There are some partly standing poses as well because I wanted to experiment the stance after feeling a complete standing pose would inhibit the animal element. One of them looks rather Centaur like which isn't somewhere I should go because it doesn't seem very original.


Steven Payne said...

hey emma, its cool to see some new angles on your hybrid.
attached are some links to images you might find helpful when creating the face of your hybrid and stitching in elements of your personality. (you'll probably look at them and think "you're being stupid, steven", but give them a chance!")

Emma Foster said...

Ohh thanks for these! When I saw the words Doctor Who I had a feeling those cat nurse things would come up :)
I can see where you're going with this, they're not stupid.

tutorphil said...

yep - centaurs tend to be a bit of a dead-end; all this talk of tribal costume reminds me again of the skull stuff I posted earlier - I suggest you take a look (if you haven't done so already) at some epic dredlocks...