Monday, 17 October 2011

Influence Map 3

After some help from my mentor Jolanta and a discussion with Phil I decided to gather some more images to help me visualise my background and hybrid pose. I looked up Hungarian landscapes/scenery and happily found some arches of some sort that could give the impression of an important (or once was) place. This then reminded me of the great aquaducts in Assassin's Creed and how they seem so important in their vastness.

I seemed to create a link between these Assassin's Creed and Lion King images due to the camera angle so I think I should look into this being in my final painting. I like the idea of a crumbling setting around my hybrid as if this new being has taken the place of some higher power.
I also liked how in the Lion King video all the animals increase their height in their pose to get a better look, made even harder by Mufasa's increased height.

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Steven Payne said...

great stuff, emma. can't wait to see them implemented in your final painting.