Monday, 17 October 2011

Final Pose Idea

Right after a lot of scribbling and looking at myself as well as dogs with a heightened/pushed up stance of power and knowledge I have come up with the below. I think the tilt of the head will play a key part in making my hybrid stance look heightened as well as the solid lines of the legs to show power. The proportions are a bit off near the bottom... I aim to make it longer especially the legs to further empathise the idea of a powerful figurehead.

Please excuse the tight cropping of this, my scanner decided to not play nice and crop all over the place somehow.


Steven Payne said...

hey emma, this is looking great. I know the cropping isn't intentional, but it seems to compliment the composition. the side profile looks good, it gives the image a somewhat humbling tone, although maybe turn the head towards the 'camera' slightly? its not essential, but it may make the image feel a little more dynamic.

for some reason, i'm reminded of the photograph 'afghan girl' by steve mccurry

really looking forward to the finished image. make me proud, emma!!

Emma Foster said...

Ohh that's an interesting image! Soo much emotion in her eyes.

I'll also give that turning of the head a go when I get cracking :)

J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

this drawing is much more evocative ! :] nice energy!
We were talking the other day with Nat, she had doubts how to make her transformation look like her. W reached this conclusion that IT IS ALL IN THE EYES. Hope your final image will be stunning and will look like you :]
Also, congrats for making your way to the Post with the Most! Keep it going! :D