Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Technical Exercises: Maya Dice

It's been just over two weeks now since I've started using Maya...well properly anyway. I don't think starting it up months before and just staring at the interface in confusion then pressing a few buttons and things whizzing across the screen in mayhem counts as using it. Especially after the excuse I had of not daring opening it again of, it's evil it's gonna make my computer go bang! Rest assured fellow Maya noobs it isn't!

I am gradually grasping the tools and the shortcuts, think I'll have to make a list of them for myself because they go out of my head at the worst of times. I just need to practise practise practise to go up a level and gain confidence in this strange button world.

Well here are some dice for starters! Hardest thing to get right was the lighting, took me ages to stop it casting most of each die into shadow. Think I'll try to make the lighting a bit brighter if I get time because it's a bit hard to see now.


tutorphil said...

whoop-whoop! Well done, Emma - the dread dice done and dusted!

Steven Payne said...

these look great, emma! and i don't know what you mean about the lighting, it looks awesome, really makes the dice look brilliant. (refer back to our chat on the bus this morning for more praise! :))

Emma Foster said...

Thanks! Yeah I think I was being a bit too picky about the lighting now I've looked at it a few times lol :)