Sunday, 16 October 2011

Possible final pose for self portrait?

Opinions and feedback are welcomed! :D

For a while now I have been trying to sort out my final pose from my thumbnails but it's been proving a pain with what I feel either too much Komondor and not enough me or too much of a human pose.

I decided a wanted a sitting pose because if I go into a tribal direction with a sage I feel this would come across better alongside my calm quite shy personality with this type of pose rather than an action standing pose that seems to always look too human.

I think this pose below shows a mixture and the rounding off of the limbs makes them less humanly defined and more like the blocky Komondor shape while still maintaining my somewhat skinny shape.
I then tried to think about not just showing myself physically in my hybrid but looking at things I like and how act. I am quite clumsy sometimes..well most times so the partly mixed feet and hands seem to show this and the 'guide stick' suggests the helping of my balance as well as the loyal, helpful guiding personality of the Komondor.

I also liked the idea of a cape rather than including the Komondor's long defined tail but using the texture in the cape so that it shows my animal as well as the tribal feel.


J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

what about this kind of pose.

sometimes dogs sit like that, and it always graps my attetnion, cause it looks rather mixed. instead on sitting on their but, they round their back and put legs sideways.

tutorphil said...

There's a passivity about your current pose that doesn't say 'proud matriarch' - maybe something more totemic - I keep seeing/hearing this:

Emma Foster said...

Thanks J.J and Phil for your help! :D