Friday, 14 October 2011

Final Development Thumbnails

I have been taking my development down a more tribal route, especially looking at how I could incorportate costume and a more tribal pose. I did some silhouettes of different suggestive tribal poses to give myself an idea then adapted them to create fleshed out developments. I also asked some friends to describe me in one word to help me bring myself across in my ideas.

 I really like some of the ideas that have come about especially #31, #39 and #42 because I have used the Komondor's fur as more costume than all over which I orginally thought would cause a problem in how do I show myself underneath all that fur! I do however think #39 is still a bit too Komondor but that #31 and #42 show myself in some ways.

I then experimented with whether my hybrid could carry something, I think the spear or some sort of weapon is too much and doesn't show myself because I'm quite peaceful and shy. However, I like the idea of carrying some sort of Hungarian bead/medalion because it seems peaceful but also mysterious as to what it could mean. I have also taken my own face and the Komondor's and combined them to create a median.

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