Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Life Drawing: Week 4

This week's life drawing seemed to go really well as I was managing to get the proportions more accurate.
We started off with 2 minute sketches to loosen us up which I actually really enjoyed even though it is something I normally panic about and I think the poses and shape show quite well.

We then had to fit the figure onto the portrait sheet trying to get it proportionate to the sheet itself and keeping in mind the measurements of the figure. I liked doing this because I could see improvement with my measuring from last week and by the second image I had managed to speed up. Something I have noticed though is that the feet are too small!

The final drawing we had to do was more of a close up of the top half of the model's body and her face and I used charcoal to add tone and depth to the drawing.


Steven Payne said...

these look great, emma. brilliant work on the proportions and i love the tonal work on the final portrait, keep it up!

J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

Hey Emma, it seems I still can't recognize you , cause I was in the class too and didn't realize you were there too , sorry :/ the last drawing looks great :]

Emma Foster said...

Hey JJ its ok I was in the other room because there are so many of us so you wouldn't have seen me lol and thanks! :)