Sunday, 30 October 2011

Photoshop: Week 6

I really enjoyed this week's photoshop workshop because digitally painting scenes is something that especially interests me and watching concept artists do them in videos is just amazing, then coming away thinking but how?!

Well Phil showed us how and I picked up loads of techniques including some that I know are going to improve my work from last unit's finished piece like how to add levels, giving the image that extra omph.He also gave us a load of his tool preset brushes which I played around with in the class and I think I can already see an improvement in the way I work. Like Phil says if it isn't going right you haven't got the right brush.

We also learnt how to put perspective guides onto our canvases which proved very useful.
I don't know what was up with the screen I had in the lesson but it made my work look so much darker than it turned out to be on every other screen I later brought it up on so I actually got to practice adjusting my levels woo for happy accidents!


tutorphil said...

already getting a sense of immersion and play of light from this exercise, Emma...

Steven Payne said...

great painting, emma. you're clearly using your influence maps efficiently and paying attention to the common attributes throughout all the images. i foresee great things for you and this project :)

Phill Hosking said...

way to go emma, glad you're getting the hang of those brushes, keep it up.. Try adding another even further back, will add real depth..