Sunday, 2 October 2011

More thumbnails: Photoshop week 2

I have now fleshed out the skeletal beings I created. I wasn't sure at first how to approach this, I think I was scared that I would muck them up and they would lose half the shape but after some advice from Photoshop Phil I got stuck in and here we are.

I tried to make them all quite different such as, #10 has a lot of long hair which does express the Komondor's coat but also represents my own hair. I thought I should incorporate these two features together so that I produce a characteristic mixture from both. I even added a few plaits as recently I have a thing about plaiting my hair. I didn't take the hair to the ground because I don't want my hybrid to be too Komondor and whenever I let the hair reach the ground this seems to happen. I also gave it quite narrow legs with a mixture of paw and fingers to show this isn't pure dog.

With #11 I used the Jim Skull link that Phil gave me as influence. I liked how parts hung off the skulls while other parts were tightly wound so I gave this hybrid idea the curved form of the human rather than the bulky hardly viewable form of the Komondor with skin tight hair as well as loose flowing tendril types.

#12 was an experimentation with how much of the Komondor's coat I could lose to show a hybrid species. I'm not as happy with this because it doesn't seem to flow and the big chunks missing just look messy. I think an approach of tight and loose hair together may work better.


J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

These seem quite exciting :]
Also, have you tried doing some dog anatomy frawings. Just redrawing what you see in a book. This steo, I found, feeds into every other drawing, cause you have a clear structure of the animal in your head.
There are some really epic books on dog anatomy in library.

Emma Foster said...

Thanks I'll take a look :)

Steven Payne said...

hey emma, awesome to see where you've taken your skeleton designs, have you tried thinking about a habitat in which your hybrid would live? you could take into account ideas of evolution and how your hybrid's shape would adapt to its environment, lending some additional ideas to the development. you could also look into its survival habits, giving it large claws and sharp teeth for hunting and what not. of course, it will reflect your own personality too, and as far as i know, you don't go around clawing at people and biting their faces, or eating roadkill or whatever, so this may not be an 100% accurate representation of yourself.
anyway, enough babbling from me, throw some more stuff up on here, i want to see where you go with this!!!