Sunday, 9 October 2011

Life Drawing: Week 3

Week 3 of life drawing and things started getting messy!...yup the charcoal came out! We started off with a round of 1 minute sketches when the panic settled in with where do I start? How can I show the figure in proportion and looking like a figure in 1 minute?!

Mine seem to overlap as again each drawing craved to be centre of attention and take up most of the page but I kinda like it as it seems to have some energy going. The proportions are way off in some places but it really helped loosen me up and I especially like both sheets' bottom right images even though there isn't much to them.


We were then taught how to measure the proportions with our hand and pencil which proved very useful. We had to split the body up to fit the head in 7 times and I think mine did improve as the session went one. One thing I definately need to keep practising though is my time. I nearly always seem to take too long getting the proportions correct. Getting a rough shape then focusing on them might be the way forward.

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