Monday, 3 October 2011

Online Greenlight Review


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Anatomy Studies

Film reviews

Life Drawing

Technical Exercises (Maya, Photoshop)

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tutorphil said...

OGR 03/10/11

Hey Emma,

First things first - am loving your embrace of the course - creatively and intellectually. I enjoy your reviews - their sincerity and breadth, and your creative relationship with Steve is a great example of the 'point' of not flying solo. Equally satisfying are the ways in which you seek to fold in different ideas into your approach to your hybrid to ensure an innovative final result. As Komondors are characterised by the need to protect and their loyalty it does indeed feel as if a human/komondor hybrid might be drawn to somekind of shamanistic/pack leader role, and, as you've picked up on already, there is something unavoidably 'ethnic' and tribal about the Komondor's appearance; something hugely reassuring and benign about their sheer size and solidity. Indeed, they remind me of the good guys from The Dark Crystal, and there's something about the proportion and posture of these characters that you might find useful too:

The designs for this film were by Brian Froud; you know, as the Komondors are a national treasure of Hungary, you might find, if you were spliced genetically, that you'd be newly drawn to hungarian patterns/art etc:

I'd encourage you to think, that maybe, your hybrid is actually somekind of sage or community leader, which would allow you design some kind of appropriate dresscode or similar?

In regard to your essay question, I think you need to clarify your intention further; it's not yet entirely clear to me what you mean by 'effect on surroundings' and it risks vagueness. Keep it super-specific - you've only got 1,500 words - what exactly do you mean?