Thursday, 16 February 2012

Artist Research: David Elliot & others

Thanks to Alice for the links to some illustration work to inspire me with my animatic and character designs. My favourite one was illustator and author David Elliot, he has this friendly vibe about his characters/work but they are really simple. His work also seems dreamlike to me which if I can create a dreamlike vibe about my 2nd act may be a nice touch and happy end to my character's life. I know my pirate isn't supposed to be friendly but the pirate below inspired me in regards to my pensioner character. Some other illustrations by Elliot as well as other artists have inspired me in regards to my characters too.

Pirate Striding by David Elliot

Pirate Heads by David Elliot

Pirates by David Elliot

Jess by David Elliot

Pigtails Page 12 by David Elliot

John Manders


Brandon Dorman

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