Monday, 27 February 2012

Prop development & Final Concept

When it came to designing my prop of the grappling hook I was well aware that it is just that, a grappling hook and some what limited with the design. But there are ways that you can change it up and I took advantage of this. I kept in mind my pirate Deleo when designing as in my Act 2 the hook starts off as his but is then used to defeat him. He is highly extravagant and I wanted this to be apparent through my grappling hook. I thought a long necked hook would simulate this like when people stretch their necks in boastful expression. There was then the hook ends, I played around with curving them and #6 looks a bit like a bird which I really liked because there is a lot of relation of birds with nasty characters. There are also parts of #6 which I got a bit carried away with but were happy accidents adding a some what frilly quality to the design.

Grappling Hook Concept
(Side view & top view)

I decided mid painting to make the hook metal a golden colour as I felt this would make it correspond even more to Captain Deleo with his outfit design and gold fastenings/cuffs.

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