Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Inital Screenplay

I decided to get my favourite idea down as a rough screenplay as I thought this would help me visualise it, see what characters are involved in my story, what camera shots there are and how I can break it down making sure it is not too complicated. It was especially important after feedback from my creative partner Freddie that I establish the event with the grappling hook better so I used this screenplay opportunity to do this.

There is something that is bothering me a bit though and that is the lack of the featuring of the cellar throughout the screenplay, it might seem as if it was just thrown in there which I don't want to happen. As I neared the end of writing this however, I thought about the crashes, the bangs and thuds that happen throughout the story and wonder if these are an opportunity to cut back to reality, to the look of confusion on the crew members' faces and the decent into the hull only to be faced with a regular looking food cellar, their captain just fast asleep....but perhaps to not get rid of the contrasting of the personalities of the fake and real captain have his hat falling over his face. The multiple thuds etc. would allow the repetition of going down to the cellar which is in its usual shape and may add a bit more comedy to the story so I think I will give this a go next!

Unit 4: Initial Screenplay


tutorphil said...

getting stuck in, I see :D

At this early stage, I suggest you just try to get your story idea written up as treatments and loglines etc. as trying to state your story simply and concisely - without too much description etc. - will just help me and others 'see' your story structure that much more plainly, so

Act 1 - blah
Act 2 - blah, blah, blah
Act 3 - blah (hahaha!)

You don't want this early stage to soak up too much of your time - i.e. committing to the scripting writing process (with all the descriptive elements) too soon. It also pays to get it drawn out as quickly - test your script through really quick thumbnails - just the 'key frames' of your story. Remember, you need to work smart, not just hard... that's the secret to CGAA!

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Phil, I'll get onto doing that next then :D