Thursday, 9 February 2012

My Duel Scene

During the second act of my story there will be a duel sequence between a child past of my pensioner and an evil swashbuckling pirate. The main focus of this duel will be the 'defeat' of the evil pirate through the help of the grappling hook which will be introduced earlier on in the story, as a discussion earlier on today with Phil leaned importance of the grappling hook not suddenly appearing as if by luck. It has a use to do with the pirates beforehand whereas, in my past idea it seemed to appear as if by magic coincidence in the cellar which just seemed stupid and predictable.

I have been enjoying watching a bit of pirate duelling as a part of my research. I wanted to see how I could pull off the sequence as a pirate duel including the correct use of camera work and editing like those used in existing examples. Below are some of the particularly helpful clips I looked at.

I think the way that Peter Pan wins against Captain Hook while disarmed is especially inspiring with regards to how I could incorporate the grappling hook into the duel.

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