Saturday, 25 February 2012

Care Home Worker Dialogue Experiments

After uni today Steven and I got cracking on creating the dialogue for my animatic act 1. There was so much playing around and it was a lot of fun. Something we noticed after just a few records was the length of time the dialogue lasted for, 15 seconds is just too long! After some cutting it down so that only the really necessary things were said (I have a shot of the care home leaflet in the bin anyway) we got it down to 5.5 seconds which is sooo much better.

We eventually narrowed down the tone on the dialogue to something we both thought worked pretty well and then went about attempting to muffle it as its coming from outside the front door. The only thing is that the knocking also had to be muffled so we kept the original and I'll crop the audio clips and paste in in the right place in Premiere Pro.
Just thought I would post the clips we got together at the end.

Dialogue while in hallway


Dialogue while showing Thomas in cellar



OllieNicholls said...

Steve has a radio voice haha

Emma Foster said...

Trust you Ollie haha and no he doesnt have a radio voice it's a care worker's voice :P