Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Unit 4: Life Drawing (2)

This week in life drawing we continued working on foreshortening, but with a difference. We would pick an element of the model and draw it really large on the page and then foreshorten the rest of her off of the page smaller to have emphasis on the focal part. Photography came up a lot in this session and how it focuses on something big and makes things in the background blurry and smaller.

2 minute warm up sketches.

 I picked the model's hand to make really large and tried to make the torso of her body smaller in comparison.

This one is a really strange drawing, again I tried to make the hand really big, it was weird working at this angle, the hand was at a weird angle too but the arm does get a bit smaller as you get higher on the page.

This is my favourite of the foreshortening for this week, there's this massive chunky arm in the left foregroun and then the torso and legs going off in the distance.

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