Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tom & Captain Deleo Character Sheets and Height Chart

When thinking about Tom's outfit again I wanted something that went with the high fantasy pirate world but that also resembled Thomas in his normal world. I originally had Tom in a long pirate coat but after some discussion with some of my course mates we decided the reason he looked too old (more pre-teen) was due to the outfit so I thought of a pirate waistcoat instead and baggy trousers. The example below was just a tester but I did notice it would be too wide and tall for Tom.

Captain Deleo

I was experimenting with the use of lots of pear shapes like in the Andrew Loomis book Fun with a Pencil, to create Deleo, eventually getting to something I like. His large bulk but then his small head and small legs just make him to me even more unlikable and give him a weakness...which will eventually lead to his fall.

Character Height Chart

I think an aim over the Easter holidays for me is to change up my blog template so that my pictures are displayed bigger without going outside the template!

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