Thursday, 2 February 2012

Notes on Scriptwriting

Phil suggested that I get my story idea down through loglines, treatments ect. to allow the structure to be seen much easier so I went back to looking at the resources on MyUCA as I remembered seeing a resource looking at what loglines ect. are and how to go about them so I thought I would take advantage of them rather than going in blind and getting it all wrong and just confusing myself. So here are some of the notes I took from 'Crash Course in Screen Writing' to help me.

Log Line- Basic idea for story. One or two sentences. Shows genre, lead character, aim & key events.

Premise- Similar to log line but focused on character and the story arc. Also helpful to focus on other character premises. Who, weakness, what, event, change.

Synopsis- Expanded premise. Three sentences for short film. Three paragraphs for feature. Broken up into beginning, middle and end. Expands on what happens to character and the effects.

Treatment- Shows basis of what will be seen on screen or can be a novelistic impression of the story.

Beat Outline- First attempt to map out main scenes needed to tell the story.

Step Outline- Expanded beat outline. Expanding shows how story might be shot.

Screenplay- Step outline with action expanded. More detail. Impression of shots, dialogue and reation shots included.


tutorphil said...

Yes indeedy!

tutorphil said...

if you can write your log-line, you know your story - i.e. 'not fuzzy'.