Thursday, 23 February 2012

Characters: Deleo head development & Expression Sheet

Next up my evil pirate character Captain Deleo. I felt I had a lot more refinement to do with his face than Thomas' one so I went back to the books for help and ended up with quite a mixture. Some of them like #3 were too cartoony for my liking, especially as my Thomas character isn't cartoony in that way. I wanted Deleo to have real human personality like Thomas so that he would fit in the story but be fantasy as well as in my story he is in a dream sequence and things can be exaggerated in those types of worlds especially if your character has gone back to his childish memory and so that's where the dodgy teeth eventually came in.

I had got to number 5 at this point and seen some promise in there but there was something still wrong and that's when I seeked out opinions of my fellow course mates.

I had settled on something like this, the nose had been changed on some advice but the eyes were still wrong. I liked the largeness of them but they weren't real enough.

Captain Deleo Expression Sheet. I did sort the eyes out, evil, extra large but more realistic than before and I gave him a tall hat with extravagant decoration to go with his 'ohh look at me' pirate bigheaded personality.


Alice said...

Sexy beard ;)

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