Friday, 3 February 2012

Inital Logline...ect

After taking on Phil's suggestion of completing a logline and other components to get my story down and researching into these terms to fully understand them I have finished my inital ones. I hope this makes my intentions clearer to everyone, they sure have helped me!

With regards to character names in this these are not my decided names, Morley is just a name that popped into my head and I am using for now to personify my character. I think a mix between pirate and something dopey would be fitting. Also insert name here is thankfully not my villain's name I just can't think of one right now that seems appropriate but hey then again he who must not be named isn't exactly a proper name!

I am also currently debating as to whether my pirate should be a pirate in both reality and the dream sequence or if it should be a servant or something similar in reality. I do like the contrast between the two pirate personalities for the same person though and if my character wasn't a pirate thoughout some of the comedy might be lost but I'm not sure just yet.

Initial Logline... ect.


tutorphil said...

Hey Emma - just remind me what you three components are?

grappling hook


There just seems an awful lot of content in your script for one minute - a lot of clutter; I can't help feeling that this isn't a strong story idea - mostly because the cellar and the grappling hook don't feel in anyway essential to your story, and I get the sense you're getting very attached to this idea already. I want you to park it and put the cellar itself at the heart of your story.

Remember - ideas are cheap! Have more!

Emma Foster said...

Ok I'll try and think of something that involves the cellar a bit more :) I am having a lot of trouble with that component though, it seems that however I try and add it all my ideas for it are too similar or don't make sense in the story with the pirate or the grappling hook.