Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Life Drawing Returns!

Well life drawing was back this week, to be honest I was dreading getting back to it because it's been too long and thought my hand was rusty from not doing it, turns out I was wrong though! =) This week we focused on expressing the poses which was highly appropriate for this unit, also practicing foreshortening which I was really happy about because it's something I struggle with especially with the human figure.

Trying to show the expression of the pose rather than focusing on the figure details in some warm up sketches. Chris said that the model moves with elegance so it would do well to try and capture this.

Foreshadowing of the model lying down, I decided to sit on the floor and work on the easel from there. I actually felt better doing this and seemed to be more acurate so I think I will do this a lot more often. I was really pleased with this drawing because I think the foreshortening worked, the only issue is the detailed foot which I think is a bit too small.


Alice said...

Hey Emma.
I found some illustrators that might inspire you (:

Hope it's any helpful. <3

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Alice! <3