Friday, 17 February 2012

@ Phil: New Act 1

Hi Phil I was just wondering if you could check over my new act 1 for me to see if it fits better with the rest of the story. At one point I did think of having moving boxes filling up the hallway and the photographs on the walls peering through the gaps in these stacks of boxes but then I thought why would my character pack up things when he doesn't want to go and so maybe the throwing away of something linked to a change he doesn't want would show this, especially if there is some cheesy slogan on the leaflet about the place that we know isn't true. Also with regards to my OGR where you said dialogue, would this be subtitles in my animatic? Thanks :)

The Concluding Escapade Script 2.0


tutorphil said...

Hey Emma :)

Good stuff - yes, working well - in regard to the dialogue - I think you should consider including it as a talk-track - get Mr Payne to help you out!

Emma Foster said...

Ok will do thanks Phil! :)