Monday, 14 November 2011

@ Phil & J.J Underwater Cemetery Development

Hi Phil and J.J I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on the direction I'm taking my Underwater Cemetery concept because I'm a bit worried the perspective of what was suggested is iffy and not strong enough as a space. Thank you! :)

After my feedback from my ogr I've been trying to sort out the composition and perspective for my first concept so that I have my rough final idea for my final portrait and can move on without worrying about it. I did some more research into forest canopies, kelp forests, light rays and what the memorials could look like as well as picking up more inspiration for my coral cross along the way. Good old deviantArt!

Below are some developmental thumbnails for the perspective of my cemetery, I tried to convey the looking past the memorials and into the canopy but am really not sure if this comes across...

I then took the one I thought was strongest into photoshop to see if I could convey the perspective more effectively.


tutorphil said...

Hey Emma,

This composition isn't quite doing it, as I don't quite understand where I am - obviously, above, looking down ... you know, maybe you should consider the scene, as if the people are just arriving on the scene - perhaps parting their way through a curtain of kelp to reveal the space within; I got thinking about this image by Caspar David Friedrich - I like the way we're channelled between the two tree trunks... Maybe your current composition would be stronger if you now included some strong, near silhouette foreground elements to look past?

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Phil! What image by Casper Davis Friedrich are you referring to? :)

J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

I follow Phil's opinion

To me personally the drawing seems to want to start 'singing'. The kelps remind me late gothic style. There is this elegant and holly feeling, created by the density of architectural lines lifting up ( kelps would be those 'architectural lines')
also, it resembles church organs in a way. I believe both of these things are working for accentuating cemetery scene.

I found some examples, how artists deal with multitude of paralleling lines. They tackle perspective problems of these complex shapes. Also composition approaches so you don't loose the spaceual feeling :

tutorphil said...

sorry! What a dope - I forgot to include the link!

Also, I've lost track of who's seen this - but in regard to what we were talking about earlier about dramatic, theatrical use of light sources for your cemetary scene...