Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Life Drawing: Week 8

More negative space for this week's life drawing and I actually think I'm getting the hang of it! Something our tutor said about imagining we were using photoshop and had applied the blur tool over the figure so that it was just space whereas, everything around it was still there in someway connected to the figure really clicked in my head and got me going.

2 minute warm ups

This one didn't come out very well and photoshop didn't like it so next week I think I need to push harder with my pencil, however I like the somewhat cog like shape in the middle, its as if they is another 'space' rather than just the figure.

I incorporated other figures in the background to form shapes for this one and quite like the effect.

I think this is my favourite one with the big block shapes and the circles in the easel popping out on the page.

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