Friday, 18 November 2011

Atlantis Development

More thinking towards the actual architecture for my Atlantis concept and after a good chat with Phil especially about the good and bad things about symmetry and how to keep my structures like seashells and coral but make them more...well structural I think I've got somewhere!

I also found this image from searching coral inspired structures and it's been really inspiring and clicked my ideas in place.

I think I've finally sorted out my composition for my final piece however, I may move the right pillar further towards the city or get rid of it all together to lose what I think is still trying to be symmetry. Maybe replace it with my porpoise statue? Also, the buildings arn't in proper detail just there to get a sense of the city's space but I am thinking of mixing up more houselike structures with my portrayals of the Acropolis elements of the chapter.


Ilmi said...

wow emma this looks really cool :D. make those changes you mentioned and it should be perfect.

TFarrington said...

Looking good! At first when I looked at this post and say that picture, I thought it was your own and my jaw literally dropped, thinking "DAMN! Way to make us all look bad!"

Then I saw that you found the picture on the ol' interwebs. :P

However, I'm loving the current composition you have here! Great use of foreground and background elements. I also like the sculptures of marine life integrated into the columns, along with what seem to be pearls.

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Emma Foster said...

Haha! Yeah a few people have been asking if its mine... I wish! :P

Thank you both!