Sunday, 6 November 2011

Colour Influences

I have been thinking about colours that would be suitable for my final concepts. For my cemetery I think I have already explored a colour range that I think could work quite well however, I do need to tone down some of the blue with some hints of other colours.

I quite like the idea of greens in my pearl grotto concept because of the Venus pearl/Greek mythological feel alongside vaults and whimsical shapes. I think it would add some elegance to the Oyster's home.

For my atlantis piece I have to consider the red glow that is emitted by the volcano and which pretty much covers the area however it may be quite subtle so that it doesn't detract from the scene.

I've been looking at Monkey Island concept art because it has a strong use of certain colourways which really helps create atmosphere in that Lucasarts world.

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