Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Life Drawing: Week 11

This week was back to proportions and measuring but with a difference, focusing mostly on the shadows and tones within the figure. We started off with the usual 2 minute warm up sketches then went on to experiment with showing the shadow using whatever material we wanted and could get our hands on.
I decided to cover my piece of paper with charcoal and work on top of that to express the shadows. I do like the effect but next time I want to try the covering then rubbing on more rather than adding an outline on parts so that they show up. Think it depends on the materials I had.
I then decided to experiment with pen, something I realised I hadn't yet used in life drawing. I wanted to look at drawing the actual shapes the shadows make with some hatching and I really liked the effect it created.


papuzka said...

I like the second one :) You could use eraser to add more volume to the figure :3

Emma Foster said...

Ohh thanks for the tip Magda! :)