Sunday, 6 November 2011

Influence Maps (Concept 3) Atlantis

My third and final concept talks a lot about a sunken city (Atlantis) and mountainous regions. There is also the mention of a volcano which casts a red glow over the city. I decided the best way to start this concept was well to look at real mountains and volcanoes as well as art work on them. There was also the mention of Tuscan style architecture so I looked at some of this as well as Assassin's Creed which is quite similar. I then thought of Tomb Raider when she swims in underwater ruins, especially in Underworld.

I really like the idea of these jellyfish that were mentioned sort of hovering around the city casting their glow, I think it would create a nice atmosphere contrast against the red glow of the volcano which I looked at sunsets and fires for.

I found this really lovely art work on the Medusae jellyfish which in someway reminded me of the Tuscan archicecture so maybe there could be a way of doing something similar to get some elegance to the ruins across.

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