Monday, 7 November 2011

Thumbnails...part 4

Here are some thumbnails for my 3rd concept Atlantis. I like the idea of having the characters walking round the Atlantis ruins but seeing the mountains/volcano in the background to add that sense of depth and show the characters' journey. I haven't played around with trying to incorporate the petrified forest, mostly because of the direction I want to take my first concept. I don't want them to be too similar but I think I should still give it a go to see what I come out with.


J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

Hey !
this is some set of thumbnails! the 34, 36, 37,39, 41, seem to be working. I particularly like 37 and 39 :]

I like how camera's hight is shifted in 36, because most of others have camera facinf from the same level of hight.
It's nice to see how you use perspective and layering to create depth :]
Next, when you'll be pushing these further, have in mind how colour and bluring aldo helpt to build depth . But probaly you're aware of these things already :]

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Jolanta I'll give the colouring and burring a go next! :D