Sunday, 13 November 2011

Photoshop: Week 8

This week in photoshop I focused more on my oyster grotto composition as there were a few thumbnails that stood out from the rest of the bunch for this concept so felt some experimentation was in order. This was my favourite thumbnail composition because even though you can't see the front of the oyster I feel this adds to the atmosphere, a bit of mystery. Like in the cinema on the big screen when the characters stare in awe at something and all you can see is the back of it then bam! the camera shoots round to the big reveal.

I have also got a composition opposite to this where the characters are in the foreground and the oyster sits in the distance and I will experiement with this one along with some others with some small blocky photoshop thumbnails to quickly pick up which ones are more successful with capturing the atmosphere.

There isn't a lot going on in the edges of the canvas on this painting so when I consider the architecture (which Phil suggested in my ogr could compliment my less conventional Atlantis concept) I will think about the detail here but should there really be a lot going on in the edges? Will it detract from the Oyster's presence itself?


Lydia Caplan said...

Loving this!! Great sense of perspective and scale :)

J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

yeah, this feels like a 'space' trully convincing.
If the oyster is GRAND in the image, I'd suggest it make it bigger in the picture, cause honestly, I only notised it when I read your post. Perhaps pushing it to the left corner more, making it bigger and adding some rim light would solve it nicely?
suggestions only

Emma Foster said...

Thank you both! And thanks J.J for the tips I was wondering if the oyster doesn't seem focal enough so I'll give that a go! :D