Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More Atlantis thumnails/ideas

Feedback as always is welcome! :D

Below are some sketches getting down my ideas for the change in architecture, I think they do look quite like they strangely belong below sea but I will add to these to really sell them.

I then used these to develop my concepts for Atlantis. Some of them are quite scruffy because I felt I needed to just let loose and not worry so much, get rid of the static vibe. I honestly don't think some of these are powerful enough to represent space but then I did #77's foreground which I am really happy with. I like the idea of the jellyfish leading down to Atlantis with their glow counteracting the red/orange from the volcano.

#78 is suggestive of what would sit as the midground in my concept, I just didn't want to squish it into that tiny space. Then I could have mountains/a far away blur representing the volcano in the background. I think most of the background would be filled with the actual glow rather than solid detail.


tutorphil said...


In regard to Atlantis's architecture - I'd suggest the forms would need to be 'architectural' - i.e. clearly structural - the shell-like shapes are suggestive of something that would have been designed and built, and you'll need to ensure that the city feels 'built' (and then sunk!) as opposed to it appearing as if it occured naturally from underground. You need to imagine that the architects were inspired by the forms of the shells etc - not that they just giant shells or coral structures.

Oh - and about the grand oyster scene - yes, you absolutely need to make the oyster the 'star' of that scene - maybe on some kind of raised dais, and maybe too lit from above or similar by a hole in the roof or similar?

tutorphil said...