Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Influence Maps (Concept 2) Giant Oyster Grotto

In my second extract from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea there was a lot of description of the oyster grotto. So I settled on this and started gathering influence for how my oyster grotto could form. I looked a lot at oysters because this is the key part but especially wanted to find images with the membrane still intact so that if I was to include Captain Nemo in my concept I could have him pulling back the membrane, revealing the pearls which I think would be quite dramatic.

I also looked up the other creatures mentioned in the chapter so that my concept won't look dead.
The grotto was described at points as having vaults and reminding of Tuscan architecture which I found very interesting and starting researching into. In some ways this reminds me of some water god structure which is fitting due to the idea of the 'Venus shell' so I think I should try and portray this importance in my concept. Also, I was reminded of Gringotts bank in Harry Potter with its white columns but also its underground vaults, not just because they are called 'vaults' but because they have an element of nature about them with their eroding stone walls and the sense of coldness.

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