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Online Greenlight Review- 08/11/11


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tutorphil said...

OGR 10/11/2011

Evening Emma - and many thanks for being so patient.

Okay - written assignment proposal appears good and solid to me - you've expressed your intention to define 'production design' and 'visual concept' prior to drilling into The Dark Crystal specifically - and that's great.

One of the challenges/problems of your three scenes is the potential dominance of blue. If memory serves, the Atlantis scene is lit by lava flows, which means you could be really bold with blue and orange palettes to make this environment really pop. I know the text makes reference to a particular sort of architecture for Atlantis, but I really like the fact you picked up on the work of Ernst Haeckel (the jellyfish images), and saw the potential in them for architectural forms. You can find more of his work here:

I don't think Jules Verne would spin in his grave if you were to re-envision Atlantis in a less conventional way - maybe as an architecture based on seashell forms or similar? I'm not sure if it's made apparent in the book, but isn't it quite probable that the grotto was made by the Atlantean's too? At least in your version it could be, which would mean the architecture would follow the same logic.

I like the thumbnails for the Underwater cemetery - the ones that seem almost cathedral-like in their design - I like the IMAX factor here, but maybe, to make the most of the actual cemetery, you might invert the perspective, so that we're looking up (from a low point) past some of the memorials and into the 'canopy' of the underwater forest. This will guard against this scene appearing as a generic underwater landscape (with tiny head stones). I've been sharing this animation around a lot for the OGR, but it's scale and bold use of lighting might help you identify ways to add further dynamism to your scenes.