Thursday, 17 May 2012

Act 1 Animation Process

Well this took me most of the day and originally had been meant as just a test but a few tweaks and I was able to continue using it. Even though this has taken up a considerable amount of time it has been worth it for both the result and the techniques I picked up on the way. This should (hopefully) mean I will be able to flow through the animating process of the rest of my animation, especially as I have got the basis of the cell's movement sorted.

The only thing I noticed I had forgotten about was my dashed line cell wall/membrane so I'll get onto sorting that out before I move on as it will be needed for the rest.
The transition onto the blank dark blue background may just be a place hold for a softer transition that I could add while working through post-production. I know this will mean I will have to render out separate layers for my animation then.

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