Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Rendering Passes Test

When it came to figuring out which render pass layers I needed for my animation to make it look its most presentable I used one scene to test do test renders of these render passes.
I already knew that certain render passes wouldn't apply to my type of animation such as a shadows render pass as this would take away the aesthetic of my animation. So these not applicable passes were not tested.
Some passes didn't even appear when rendered, instead faced with a black screen so I won't be showing them.

Beauty Pass
This is the effect I was really happy with yet when applying the render passes below it went downhill from there.

Z-Depth/Luminance Depth
 This is the depth pass that come out from this scene, it doesn't look anything like other depth passes I've seen and when applied on top of the beauty pass it didn't really do anything so I felt this was unnecessary to include.

Flat Colour
 The flat colour did make a little difference to my beauty pass, lightening it a bit but I preferred the stronger colours but not as bright/light because I felt it added to the vintage/retro feel.

Ambient Occlusion
 This is what my ambient occlusion turned out like. I tried adjusting the settings to make it have more effect on the final image but all it seemed to do was dirty it up. After a chat with Tom it now makes sense why this render pass didn't have a good effect on my scene, because the objects are not very close together. 

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