Thursday, 10 May 2012

Maya Toon Shader Experiments (2)

Here are some more experiments with toon shaders in Maya trying to make the cells look more like my concept art. I also put an image plane on the camera of one of my concepts without the cells in to see if it worked better.







Steven Payne said...

this is looking awesome, emma. is each shade of blue in the back ground going to be a separate textured plane? so you've got depth etc. the doctor who opening works much like that

Emma Foster said...

Ohh I dunno, I'll have to try that out thanks Steven! :)

Ernesta said...

Wow ir look like it's hand drawn! Looks good!

tutorphil said...

certainly the idea of 'spacing out' your background as planes could be lovely - but 3d cells on a flat background could also prove effective; as expressed earlier today, Emma - there is leap to be made from what's great about your concept art to the cg resolution of it - I don't think you should feel inhibited about changes or departures - but I do think you need to really explore the different options until - like with your 2d development - you arrive at a recipe with which your satisfied. :)