Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cell Movement with Music

This time I animated a bunch of cells moving through my tunnel and put it to the music that I intend to use for my final animation. I have placed the play blast at 3 places around the beginning of the soundtrack to see if the cells fit a particular bit better than others. This would help me also figure out how it could suit the other bits of the track easier if those are the bits that they run through in the final piece.


tutorphil said...

Hey Em - good to see this, because it's helping to close in on how your world is going to behave. Obviously this is just a test, but certainly, one of the things you'll need to address is the speed of the cells themselves - not how fast they're pulsing individually, but rather how fast they move as objects through the space. What these tests reveal is that they need to travel much more quickly and with much more purpose. It's always been interesting to try and see through which axis they should move for greatest effect, and seeing this, it really does seem as if they should all really move like a series of rolling coins, so that they maintain their 'flatness' in relation to the background - not completely flat, but rather sort of angled on a 3 quarter view - that they're never travelling like saucers, but rather more like fleets of revolving wheels that roll like pennies through the tunnel - hard to describe, but you'd have that slight pulse, you'd have them them turning through 360 degrees like wheels, and you'd also have them moving through the space; a set of simple movements, but calibrated to create maximum exuberance. See how you get on and I'll keep my eye out for more trial and error! :)

Mike said...

Yeh this is looking good. What phil says is right they are a bit slow but also they seem to becoming at the same speed together like a pack. I do not know if this is what you want but you could try to change the speeds so some are faster than others? but looks epic! The sound as when, goes really well with the pulse.