Friday, 4 May 2012

Unit 6: Colour Palettes

To help me decide which cell will feature in my world (so many choices and so many opinions!) I have produced a range of colour palettes corresponding to the cells that got the most positive feedback.
These should help me figure out the limits and allowances my world can have with colour just based on this one cell.

Colour palette for all of the cells that featured on the blue/purple background.

Palette for numbers 3 and 5 on this same sheet.

Palette for possible accent colour of number 5 on this sheet and number 7 on the red sheet.

Colour palette for all of the cells that featured on the red background. Photobucket

Palettes for number 1 on this sheet.

Palette for number 7 on this sheet.


Mike said...

just wow! these look so awesome ! I much prefer the blue ones but thats just me XD

Ernesta said...

I like number 3.. It's probably because I expect something warm and funny (entertaining) from your video... I love blues but, I love warm colours more in this case.. Like palette 6 as well but again, 3 is more soft, bright warm! Looking forward to your animation, should be good!

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Ernesta! :)