Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Big Band Jazz- Possible Music

On my mission to get a proper step outline and script/screenplay down I have gone music hunting. I feel I need to have a clearer idea of which music I could use to get my writing done because I really want to match up the action on screen with the timing of the music. It will just feel all that more synced.
So this little post is a list of possible tracks from the public domain that I have a particular like to... I'm starting to get confused which year it is what with all this old time, vintage stuff!

Examples of these music pieces from YouTube so you can actually experience the music yourself.

Glenn Miller- A String of Pearls

Glenn Miller- American Patrol
Glenn Miller- Baby Me (Has got vocals though)
Glenn Miller- Beer Barrel Polka

Glenn Miller- Give A Little Whistle

Glenn Miller- Here We Go Again

Glenn Miller- Humoresque

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Mike said...

I like the top two and the last one the most. though they are all very similar (tone death I am) but i presume for yours your going to need one with slow parts thus you can slow your animation down with it. So in that regard NO 1 i think would be good or something along its lines :)