Monday, 7 May 2012

Concept 2- G1 Phase

For my next concept I wanted to capture the action of the G1 phase of interphase. To me this would mean a different background to show the change but I didn't want it to be too sudden. I liked the idea of the cell wall background continuing to feature but being a bit darker, like you are going deeper into the body.
I had to consider how to show the growing of the cell and the development of organelles (ribosomes and mitochondria) within the cell. I could change the colours to match the theme of my world but I had to simplify the shapes of these organelles and find a way to include text to show what they were.
The ribosomes seem to line up like on a piece of thread so I tried to include the name in this way whereas, the mitochondria have a squiggly pattern inside them which I simplified and on one of them used text in the shape of this pattern.
To show the growing the cell will obviously get bigger but I have taken away the dashed wall/membrane and made it change into the word grow to really show this.



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Mike said...

LOVE IT! :) really some good stuff going on here. And I can now see the writing so all is good!